Cotswolds Prostate Cancer Support Group

 Welcome to the Cotswolds Prostate Cancer Support Group.

"You are always welcome, you are never alone".


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The group was formed to help men come to terms with the challenge of the diagnosis, and be better able to handle the difficult periods when it is often traumatic to talk to people, even those very close to you.
As a group we welcome wives, partners and carers, who experience just as much the loneliness and uncertainty associated with the disease.  We believe that to be able to share experiences with others "in the same boat" is both comforting and therapeutic.
Our Group is very much a support feature, and is not, in any way, a substitute for the medical advice from either your local GP or Consultant.  The local Hospital Urological Team Members take an active part in supporting the group.

 Prostate Cancer Partners.

We welcome the formation of a separate but very connected group of Partners / Wives, the Prostate Cancer Partners.

This group has been formed by the wives and partners of members of the Cotswolds Prostate Cancer Support Group. They continue to be made most welcome at the main meetings and have indeed been treated as ‘Partners’ in the process of dealing with Prostate Cancer. Feedback from the main group has been that partners often see a problem from a different perspective, which can be hugely beneficial to everyone.

The aim of PCP is to provide informal, friendly support for the wives, partners, carers, family and friends of men who have been affected by prostate cancer.